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At ZOID Fitness we have set out to bring a twist to the traditional agility training systems. We sell professional grade agility training products for athletes who want to take their performance to a new level.

Once you train with ZOID you won’t ever want to go back. Our professional grade ZOIDs are heavy duty and made to withstand the toughest workouts. ZOID was founded by Kevin Rains in 2015. While helping his son’s coaches train his boys for football; Kevin realized the opportunity that athletes had if they incorporated curvilinear training to their workouts and ZOID Fitness was born. 

ZOID Fitness got the name from the trapezoidal shape of the ZOID products. The unique shape of the ZOIDs are an important aspect that help ZOIDs be the most versatile agility training product on the market. What are you waiting for? Run your workout with ZOID Fitness!


Kevin Rains
Kevin is the creator of ZOID Fitness and FAS Training, a fitness company that has created a new “movement” in the fitness and training industry. ZOID Fitness is the product side of the business and FAS Training (Footwork Agility System Training) is the training program.

Personal Info

Multi Sport Athlete: Tennis, Football, Basketball, Golf, Baseball

Youth Coach: Tennis, Basketball, Baseball. “Don’t look to coach the best kids. Coach the kids that need it most. They’ll appreciate you forever”

Hobbies & Interests: Weight Training, Billiards, Singing (R&B, Neo Soul)

Single Father: Two talented and athletic sons

Motto: “Passionate people do passionate things, passionately!”

Health and Wellness: Anti-aging advocate by example.


Before ZOID Fitness, Kevin worked in athletic sales, computer sales, and the financial industry. Kevin was always improving and developing new sales techniques, mathematical and technical spreadsheets for himself, his sales team, and clients. He cultivated a relationship with local park board sports organizations and public schools to give underprivileged youth athletes access to affordable athletic gear. "Cleats for Kids" and "Skates for Kids."

Kevin developed ZOID Fitness while working with his son's trainer, Coach Kevin Brown from Capture Athletics. Coach Brown was a big advocate of teaching footwork on an agility ladder as a warm-up in every session. After watching and participating in dozens of workouts, Kevin asked a simple question of Coach Brown, "Don't they make a ladder that turns? Football is not linear. Sports are not linear. You need to twist and turn, change your direction, create force. Linear ladders are not enough to cover all of these things."




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