Meet our featured athlete, Greg Freeman!


We had the pleasure of meeting him a few months ago where he told us his story as an athlete. He started practicing sports at 23 years old and is now an enthusiastic CrossFit athlete. 

Before he started his athletic career, he used to be just like the average person who would see the physical feats that other athletes were doing and think to himself, “I’ll never be able to do something that impressive!” or “that level will take me forever to reach!”.


What changed between then and now? He says it’s all about consistency. He considers his versatility and functionality in all avenues of fitness is what makes him stand out.


He has placed on the podium in multiple CrossFit competitions and is extremely proud of that. During his free time, he also loves watching action movies, being active, writing and traveling.



The one thing he enjoys the most is proving himself that he can always work to become better than who he was yesterday.


What he admires most in the world of fitness is that there’s a mutual community of compassion and support for others that are striving to reach the same goal.


Being a professional athlete is not rainbows and butterflies all along, there are several challenges that several people get to encounter.

"Encountering other athletes that are on a much higher level of fitness than I am and having to acknowledge that in some workouts, at that point in time, I won’t be able to beat them no matter what.” -Greg says.


Nonetheless, this month he is the featured athlete of our #ZOIDChallenge. Check it out below!


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Joining the ZOID Fitness Revolution


What is one thing in which using ZOIDs has helped them overcome? Greg says that it has helped him overcome the challenge of diversity in his training.


When asked the question, why do you recommend ZOID to trainers? He said that he recommends ZOIDs to trainers because they can expand a person’s athleticism. Greg's favorite patterns are the ones that challenge his foot speed, and also his ability to quickly transition into a different style of movements like calisthenics, animal flow exercises or plyometrics.


“I love how ZOIDS can introduce an entirely new way of training your coordination and agility. They can bring a ton of versatility to your warm-up routines or whatever style of fitness you currently invest time into” Greg says.


Follow Greg at @imperfectgentleman2.0 for more of Greg's amazing stories! What are you waiting for? Get your set of ZOIDs today and join the ZOID Fitness revolution!