Key Main Benefits of Mobility Training


I know a number of my buddies who go to the gym with the purpose of looking good and having a toned, chiseled body. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, working out on a regular basis so that our bodies would look better will absolutely boost our confidence and help us in our everyday social life. But we should not forget that constant exercise can also put a lot of stress on our bodies, especially in the case of people who are just starting out with their fitness goals. Without a proper recovery regimen and a carefully-planned workout program, the body will suffer and will be prone to wear-and-tear and injuries.

Another way to avoid getting our bodies from absorbing too much stress is by mixing up our routines. Some athletes make the common mistake of focusing too much on strength and weight training, that the other parts of their body become compromised. If you are into that same mistake, chances are you will become more prone to injuries like muscle sprains and strains. To avoid that from happening to you, you should spend ample time in planning your workout regimen. Better yet, you should consult a fitness trainer to help you out with your training routine. And if you have an injury that keeps on being aggravated, have it checked by a physical therapist so that you would know what to focus on or avoid doing during your workouts. Health is wealth, so it’s really vital that we invest in it!

Yet, there is one specific workout that most athletes and fitness junkies make the mistake of skipping. That is mobility training. Most people, even trainers, don’t place that much importance to mobility training because the results of these drills are more felt than seen. Well, there will always be the main purpose of physically looking better that may hinder athletes from achieving their peak performance. That could definitely serve as a motivation, but you cannot always think that way. There are no shortcuts to success, and taking the easiest path to reach your fitness goals will only force you to compromise. With that said, mobility training is not important in itself but is also considered as a prerequisite to more difficult and complex routines.

The main advantage of mobility training is that it will help you move in a wide range of motion without feeling any stress or stiffness. Do you ever wonder how incredibly flexible athletes like gymnasts, divers and figure skaters are? They are very tremendously smooth in their movements, and they can extend their bodies in whatever way they want to complete their routine. No, they are not born with that natural skill. Balance and flexibility are two assets that these athletes focus their training on, and you can also achieve that through mobility drills.

We know that you want to learn more about this workout, so we compiled the key main benefits of mobility training to your body and also to your performance on the court.

1. Eliminates muscle stiffness

Strength and weight training will absolutely do a lot to your muscle build-up goals, but it has its downside too. Focusing too much on the weight room will cause some hints of stiffness in your muscles, something that would put you in a great disadvantage in terms of your movement and speed. If you play basketball or just enjoy watching it, you would know that bigger and heftier players have a lot of difficulties in running up and down the court. On the other hand, point guards would sprint on both ends of the floor with so much ease. But it doesn’t mean that athletes with large body build-ups cannot improve their speed and flexibility anymore.

To be able to counter that downside of strength training, most athletes would engage in mobility workouts. The various drills under this workout will target the important joints of your body and will warm it up. Of course, you can achieve that through your usual warm-up routines. But constantly working on these drills will eventually cause the joints to loosen up, allowing the different parts of your body to move more freely. This will mean that you’ll be more flexible, an essential asset to have so that you can avoid injury risks.

Furthermore, mobility training increases your range of motion and allow you to be more agile. If you are an aspiring football player, you should really log in a lot of training time in improving your agility. Mobility drills will definitely help you with that. Because of the fact that mobility training will allow you to move freely, you could also widen the range of your movements.

2. Largely decreases risk of injury

Mobility, flexibility and balance are three significant areas you should focus on if you want to avoid more risks of injuries. You have to be aware that your current body build-up has certain restrictions in its movements. That is not to say that it is impossible to eliminate those restrictions. That is the main reason why athletes train, and that is the main purpose of mobility training.

When you run, jump or change directions, you are putting a lot of pressure and stress on your muscles. Our body can only absorb a certain amount of force it is trained to absorb. If you do not work on your mobility, your joints will not have the ability to absorb great pressure, leading to injuries or muscle soreness that will last for several days. With that said, mobility training will give you a solid base strength – a right approach to building up flexibility and balance. Just imagine how those incredible gymnasts pull off acrobatic displays of stunts and jumps. Despite going on a full run and jumping high into the air to complete their stunt, they still manage to land on both feet. They possess a very powerful lower body base strength, an asset that they acquired through mobility training.

Furthermore, mobility drills can also eliminate those minor, nagging pain problems that you encounter on a daily basis. If you are working a day job that requires you to sit on an office chair every day for 8-10 hours, there is no doubt that your overall posture will be affected. Poor posture and lack of proper exercise are the primary causes of back ache, rheumatism and knee pains among many others. That’s not to mention that as we grow older, the body has the tendency to naturally lose its mobility. That is why older athletes tend to decline in terms of performance. But with a regular workout program injected with mobility drills, you get to counter those pain problems and eliminate them as you dive in deeper with the routines.

3. Can be used as an active recovery exercise or a warm-up routine

The beauty of mobility training is that it provides you with a lot of options for your training routine. If you’re coming off a hard workout or a very tiring football practice with your team, it is highly-suggested that you rest and recover the day after. But many trainers nowadays are preaching the importance of active recovery periods. Active recovery means doing light workout sessions like a 15-minute jog early in the morning or maybe a yoga session in your gym.

Mobility drills can also be used during active recovery. Drills such as arm and leg swings, hip twists and ankle bounces can ease off the muscle stress you are feeling from the recent hard workout you had. These drills are also effective during warm-ups and cool-downs. Before you go all in on your main workout, it is always a requirement to warm up your body first. Of course, you are already aware of the common static stretching routines. But mobility drills are more dynamic, and targets more areas of your body.

On top of that, many people use mobility training as a stress reliever. If you have been regularly exercising and you think that you’re flexible enough, it is recommended that you dive into yoga as part of your training program. Yoga makes use of a bevy of mobility drills that will free up the tightness of your muscles, and even provide you with a stress-relieving sensation after a hard day at work.


4. Improves your overall agility

The ability to be agile is one of the most underrated factors to a reach your peak performance. It is the ability to change directions without sacrificing a lot of speed and quickness in the process. Agility is used in every kind of sport, especially in athletics, football, basketball and gymnastics. But you cannot improve your agility if you don't work on your mobility and flexibility. Changing directions while still maintaining a high speed will test the balance of your body and its ability to extend to a wider range of motion. You will just lose your balance if you don't have a powerful base strength, or even put yourself in danger of sprains or strains due to overstretching of the joints.

As what we have mentioned before, mobility training will allow your joints to move freely, helping you gain flexibility and balance. With a more solid and flexible lower body base, you will have the ability to absorb the force and pressure caused by the sudden change in your movement pattern. That will then lead to a much improved agility, allowing you to quickly accelerate and decelerate without the risk of injury.

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